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Embassy Suites by Hilton is a chain of upscale all-suite hotels trademarked by Hilton Worldwide. As of December 31, 2019, there are 257 locations in five countries and territories with 59,712 rooms. Similar to other Hilton brands, 212 Embassy Suites hotels are independently owned and operated by franchisees with 47,930 rooms, while 45 locations are managed with 11,782 rooms.

Mary mentioned, "I booked the room through Reservation Center for the Valley Forge Pa location. I was charged twice, once through Embassy & another through Reservations Center. Before the date, Reservation Center charged my credit card. When we arrived at the hotel, Embassy took a card for any damages. Needless to say, there were no damages. At the end of stay, the receipt showed the incidental card was charged for the stay. I worked with Embassy Suites more than once. I worked with Reservation Center. They blamed each other. Embassy Suites maintained it was "impossible" to be charged twice. Embassy Suites claimed there was no one else to speak with about the charges and they could not help. Lastly I tried with the credit card company to dispute the claim. In the end, we were charged twice for one room."


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Former Employee - Director of Sales and Marketing says

"Poor local leadership and support."

Former Employee - Guest Service Agent says

"Front desk management is pathetic and that is the reason why employee retention is very low over here 1. Managers and supervisors are not clear about the guidelines and lot of internal conflicts prevailing within them, which leads to multiple and confusing directions to the team 2. Hilton is known for no discrimination but over here front office is filed with racist managers. 3. Favoritism is another thing managers are known for. This is the reason there is no noticeable career growth of a deserving employee."

Current Employee - Banquet Server says

"No work hours promised full time and only getting maybe 20 hours a week"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Run. Fast, ok? Please. Thanks"

Former Employee - Server says

"Poor management/terrible attitudesunprofessional management/"mean girls" type of bartenders you work with/kitchen staff rude/low moral..ect"

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"Schedule was always done wrong."

Former Employee - Catering Manager says

"Low pay, ownership doesn’t pay vendor bills, not given tools to do job (collateral, vendors won’t work with you, sales kits) unrealistic goals coming out of poor renovation where rooms have TVs and phones that don’t work and leaks in meeting rooms and offices."

Former Employee - Chef says

"Unprofessional dirty ghetto hostile environment"


"Employee gave some buddy a key to our room and never checked there credentials to give them the key"

Former Employee - Server says

"Horrible management, horrible tips. Credit card tips paid on check"

Guest Service Manager (Current Employee) says

"Very hostile work environment for Minorities. Management racists and very inexperienced. If you are looking for a place of growth and positive environment, DO NOT WORK HERE. Worst job experience in the history of my Hotel CareerAbsolutely nothingCompany should be sued and go bankrupt"

Housekeeping (Current Employee) says

"I currently work here. I am going on my second month and I had to go to HR in my third week of working. The duties are for two to three people but assigned to one person. The housekeepers and supervisors are very demanding and super unhelpful. Promises made in my initial interview were not kept and there’s no flexibility or potential growth at all. I am probably not going to be working here after tomorrow due the housekeepers and supervisor literally giving me an anxiety attack because of a consistent onslaught of demands outside of my job description. When I went to HR I was told that although they are aware some housekeepers are bullies I should just deal and not take it to heart. It’s mind boggling, the experience I’m having here is just really something out of a nightmare. I seriously would not recommend working in the environmental services department. As for the other departments I cannot say but they seem to functioning well with a friendly and understanding atmosphere.No breaks, Do not provide lunch, no orientation, harassment, no benefits, unsure leadership, barely functioning work culture, racism"

Busboy (Current Employee) says

"The Bad Not a good working environment AC Not working most of the time or is so low that. Also No recognition for ones good work.This company has No team players , managers are unfriendly and give no compliment on a job well done.NoneNo water drinking fountain, we need to purchase our own."

Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Hardest position I’ve ever had. GM was great and team great but company ownership was horribly unrealistic. Owners would come in and change everything four times a week. On site team.No benefits. No support. No truth told."

Night Auditor/Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"The embassy suites in irving tx is the worst place to work. I would not even recommended people to work or stay there. The HR manager especially is the worst she is manipulative, very conniving and does everything but her job. The low ball pay rates with the falsehood of growing and moving and pay increases. They are more concerned with money then employees. Worst place on earth."

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"The mangers and environment in this place are sick , too many old people and old cultures about racism , morning shift always late mangers can't handle it, because no one like to work over there0 from 100 from 10"

Housemen (Current Employee) says

"0 mgmt is bad a lot of discrimination going on constant bs employee favoritism Constantly being accused of not doing your job always getting more work thrown at you not recommended at all"

Package Handler (Former Employee) says

"They are racist from the manager on down They show favoritism to the white workers The manager longer your there that’s when they try to push u out the door so they can bring someone else in making less money I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work at the embassy suites downtown St. Louis"

Assistant General Manager - Operations (Former Employee) says

"Hotel went downhill when Hilton Corporate gave up ownership! (encore) company out of Dallas TX took ownership and and things go downhill from there !!“Just A Paycheck”“Very Horrible Management Company”"

Banquet Server (Current Employee) says

"Terrible pay for hours worked. Staff is not helpful and no training whatsoever is provided Poor management . Bad pay for the amount of work required"

Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Working there was terrible mostly cheap people stay there and coworkers are not friendly, they start to speaking in there own Language so you don’t understand what they are saying"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"HR,Executive over housekeeping and Supervisors are Snakes and like to discriminate against other employee's and management. Work housekeepers like a dog for VERY LOW PAY."

FRONT DESK OFFICE AGENT (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I ever worked. the manger was sneaky and everyone was very cliquey. It was hard to get comfortable and do my job because there was always gossip. Shameful. And they played favoritism"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend working for this hotel especially the one in San Marcos,tx they pay you very little and no training most of the time they hire temps who get paid more and work less. Favoritism is very popular with management .if you want to be treated with respect this is not the place ,there are a lot of other hotels to choose from with better pay and better people. Hous"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management was terrible. There was no room for advancement. Hardly any raises and they don’t pay enough to stay there. I wouldn’t recommend working there."

Room Attendant (Former Employee) says

"It is a horrible place to work they put customers before employees they dont treat u fairly and as a former room attendant housekeeping department got treated the worst and blamed for salt scores never had a room attendant as employee of the month"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"The housekeeping supervisor is rude and keep up mess in the hotel. Most unprofessional job I’ve ever had! Good hours but supervisors disrespect employees"

BANQUET CAPTAIN (Former Employee) says

"They promise to do a lot of things and at the end they can't keep their promises. Employees are not appreciated and there is low employee morale, there's an assistant banquet manager that doesn't know about good customer service she yells at employees and has no respect for guests. Very unprofessional HR."

Cook 1 (Former Employee) says

"New GM with no longevity..lost 4 managers and countless hourly employees..3 mangers within a week were terminated,gave notice and walked out because of management style..live and learn"

Line Cook/Cook/Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"No free food plus wasn't there for a long time and wasn't the most workplace for culture and no hours the hotel wasn't done you had the one part of the kitchen open others parts was not ready for customers...nothingno free food"

Hajira says

"We stayed we nights at embassy suites in Miami . The rooms were absolutely filthy . I can only assume because the hotel is located close to the airport n they hve a free shuttle service, people park their cars in this parking lot as it might be cheeper then airport parking facilities , hence the lack of parking available for guests of the hotel . Even by 8 pm people were waiting for rooms , even thou they had reservations. The carpets in the rooms were sticky n the sleeper couch felt more like springs covered wit a sheet . For the price not worth the booking ."

Gator143x says

"Not worth the money I paid. Terrible service and attitudes. Incompetent employees. Dirty eating area. What a huge mistake. I will never recommend this place. what a rip!"

Taanyka Terry says

"I was hired at the embassy suites hotel by the airport in Albuquerque I told them I can only work part-time because I had another job. The young man that interviewed me tell me he would call me in a few days once they can get the schedule set so I can get put on the schedule 3 days later I called him which was on a Monday and told him that I was able to work a few more hours than I thought because it's a shift and hours at my other job had occurred he then told me to come in the next day to fill out paperwork which I did I started working the week after I told him that I could not work weekends during the interview and then confirmed it once he hired me he been told me he's not worried he'll find days to have me come in and that we can work it out because he was glad that I showed up in the first place. My second day there I let him know the hours I was available would only be 30 hours a week and he told me that only reason why he hired me was because I said I can work full-time I told him I never said that he gave me a really bad attitude and I got very emotional thinking I was getting fired so I went to his upper management and complain to them they acted like they cared and the very next day they fired me because I couldn't work weekends I never told them I can work weekends they hired me anyway I don't understand why I would get fired because I can't work weekends needless to say I felt very discriminated against and it caused way more stress in my life than I needed to at the time it made me struggle even more financially because of it they have no sympathy for anyone they don't care about anyone but their selves I asked the manager why she was firing me she said because we can't use me how they want to use me and because I can't work weekends they don't need me so I will never in my life rent any kind of room or try to work for the embassy suites hotel again."

Ted says

"We were walking the boardwalk after dinner and thought of stopping into the embassy suites for dessert and drinks. Anticipating there would be a pleasant outdoor seating area overlooking the ocean, we were quite disappointed when we arrived to the restaurant patio. The only outdoor seating area was a small dirty table outside the entrance off of the boardwalk lined, with bar stools facing the beach. We decided we would sit outside at the makeshift outdoor patio they had in place and went inside to order drinks and look at the dessert menu. The bar staff provided a dessert menu but also informed us that there were only a few options for dessert which I was not able to locate on the menu provided, so I was confused as to what I was given a menu in the first place. We placed our order, the drinks were ready immediately but the dessert would apparently require additional time and since they did not provide service on this makeshift patio we were told to check back in. We went outside to sit and relax to the sound of the beach after about 15 minutes I had my dessert, it was very good but definitely not worth the amount they charged for it. I was immediately disappointed in the overall appearance and experience with this Embassy Suites. I remember a time when Embassy Suites was a name you could rely on, this hotel felt more like a motel. The exterior of the hotel I observed could use a good pressure washing and attention to what tables they had placed out there to ensure they were actually clean. The price point is typically going to be high with a resort area like this but the cost of two drinks and a dessert was ridiculous! Cheers!"

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